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leave 2 idol/groups/performance/mvs in my ask and i’ll make a gifset of what i prefer

Seventeen profiles

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Jihoon and the bus 

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doyoon’s ambitious white day event and soonyoung who wants to steal the idea

[140325] Seventeen's Facebook Update


Pledis a company with artists such as Son Dambi, Kahi, Afterschool, Orange Caramel, and Nuest is planning on holding an evaluation test to chose the official members of a new group, “Seventeen” and is planning on debuting them this year, 2014.

The judges of…


[Doogi PD]
We want airport pictures!
Requesting to borrow the staff’s coffee and sunglasses for the airport photo!
A secret between us.
This is a leaked secret of Seventeen.

[TRANS: Megan // Pledis17 Instagram]

'I aim to become somebody's rolemodel' - Kwon Soonyoung

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