[17’s Diary] 'Want to see them? Want to hear them? – Seventeen's working on a song now!'


Recently been working on the main with Jihoon and Hansol. So every week Jihoon does the work on the track and I am helping him. He is helping me with the theme and lyrics next to me. Jihoon did ‘we gonna make it shine’ but recently while making the new track, I felt “Jihoon has quite some musical talent…”. Between me, as we can make our title I have to grow ㅋㅋㅋ… Jihoon-ah! You are really good at music, it’s honourable! Don’t forget~

Lately the members who have been working on the tracks have been working really hard. Making almost one track per week!! I’m being the main lyricist. The first time, I didn’t think the lyrics would be challenging so I had a hard time but, bit by bit, it seemed like I found sense. It’s already been a month and I am proud of the members with a busy schedule working on the tracks while completing other tracks. Even to me, it seems like I have a full heart so I am proud.
Always fighting to our membersㅎㅎ

Currently working on a track. Soonyoung hyung is recording, Jihoon hyung is giving directions. 
Right now I have a section of the main’s lyrics remaining. The lyrics Jihoon wrote for this part were okay but, the lyrics at the beginning seemed like they needed a little editing so I did it.
I quickly edited it, I want the track to be completeㅜㅜ Seems like I can go home early today… fighting

I’m working on one track every week with Jihoon. I’m making them with the mindset that later, when we debut, I want to receive love through the songs we confidently made. Of course it’s like that ㅜㅜ The kids who go to school got off work and left so only the remaining members fell into groups of twos and threes. While working together every day, in the morning at sunrise, one after another, they come in. Bodies are tired but when the songs are completed there will be joy!!!
Kids, keep going so together we can work hard!

Today I edited the lyrics on a song I worked on the other day so I am in the middle of re-recording… This work is flowing, I edited the song so the thing I’m working on is writing a new song. I feel like my head hurts because of how hard it is..ㅜ^ㅜ It’s seriously really difficult and, even though my voice won’t come out a lot, one by one as I am creating, I am glad and happy and it’s fun. Of course it’s thanks to our members who are together that we are able to do it more funly. They do well at following my requests so I’m thankful and I’m really thankful for the part where you believe in me. In the future, let’s keep working hard so we can write better songs. I have to do a ‘fighting’ ㅎㅎ Fighting!

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woaah your theme is so awesome ;n;

Haha thank you! :)

Happy Birthday Yoon Junghan! #17JunghanDay

2014.09.28 Good Bye WAPOP by SEVENTEEN


details for junghan birthday project

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2014.08.31 WAPOPSHOW by Junhui

Title: Beautiful Life (V.O.S Cover)
Artist: Soonyoung, Seungkwan, Seokmin, Junghan, Dongjin

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